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Navy > Total safety > OBPS (On Board Patrol System)

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OBPS is a specific software module that allows to the user to carry out patrols on board of the ship for technical and safety purposes. The user by means of a rugged PDA can move along the ship to carry out the patrol and collect all the necessary information in terms of technical parameters of the checked machineries and safety aspects of the checked rooms of the ship. The path of the safety patrol and the machineries to be checked are defined by means of specific check points where the PDA acquires the necessary information during the patrol.
OBPS records the path and the collected data that are downloaded to the DCS server as soon as the PDA come back under the wi-fi net. These info can be shown on dedicated DCS mimic pages in order to provide to the safety team updated info about the machineries and the room status on board the ship.