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Cruise > ESD (Emergency Shut-Down System)

Martec has a very long tradition of Emergency Shut-Down Systems developed together with SAM Electronics (L3 Group) for Fincantieri projects.
In recent years, Yards are demanding for system
integration and cost reduction. Martec is now proposing a Distributed Input Output System, fully integrated within the SMCS, able to control all safety objects traditionally managed by ESD.
The system is based on a number of local IO cabinets, each with its own programmable local controller and redundantly interfaced to the high reliability network. Line monitoring on input and output is included when necessary.
Cabinets are very limited in size (800x600x300 mm for a 120I/O unit), allowing high modularity and distribution.
There is no limitation in the number of network nodes (up to 40 PLC and more).
The system software is based on a set of standardized function blocks, validated with Classification Societies, and uses OPC protocol to export data to SMCS.