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Announcement – Merger by incorporation of Marconi Sistemi srl into Martec SpA.

Friday 20 Jan 2017

Con la presente si comunica che in data 20.12.2016 le assemblee delle Società Marconi Sistemi srl (controllata al 100% da Martec SpA) e Martec SpA hanno approvato il progetto di fusione per incorporazione della controllata nella controllante.

La fusione avverrà entro il 31.03.2017 ed avrà effetto retroattivo a partire dal 01.01.2017.

A seguito di tale operazione, Martec SpA subentrerà in tutti gli impegni attivi e passivi della Marconi Sistemi srl che diventerà una divisione operativa di Martec.

La neonata Divisione Sistemi manterrà inalterato lo staff ed il personale tecnico che hanno contribuito alla nascita ed allo sviluppo dei prodotti in composito e delle protezioni balistiche e svilupperà la propria attività nel nuovo stabilimento di Curtatone (MN), già operativo dal 02.01.2017.

Con questa riorganizzazione Martec SpA, presente nel mercato della Difesa con i sistemi di soppressione di esplosione AFSS ed i sistemi di controllo del danno per unità navali, amplia la propria gamma di prodotti anche ai sistemi di protezione balistica.


This is to inform You that on Dec. 20th , 2016 the shareholders meetings of Marconi Sistemi srl (100% owned by Martec SpA) and Martec SpA have approved the merging by incorporation project of the controlled Company into the parent Company.

The merger will be finalized within March 31st, 2017 and will be effective Jan 1st, 2017.

After the merger, Martec SpA will take over all liabilities and rights of Marconi Sistemi srl which will become an operating division of Martec.

The newborn Systems division will retain unchanged its staff and technical personnell who greatly contributed to the development of composite products and ballistic protections and will operate from the new factory located in Curtatone (Mantua, Italy) just opened on Jan 2nd Jan 2017.

Martec SpA, already present on the Defence market with its automatic fire suppression system AFSS and with damage control systems for shipboard applications, will extend its product range to ballistic protections.

Gabriele Bocchi                                                                                            Paolo Bona

CEO, Marconi Sistemi srl                                                                            CEO, Martec SpA


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Civitavecchia, July 8th, 2014

On the last 8th of July, within the activities organized on the occasion of the Italian Presidency of the EU Council, Martec S.p.A. took part to the event by exhibiting the new Electronic Incident Board developed for the Italian Navy.
The event, which ushered in initiatives involving the Ministry of Defence in the Italian Presidency of the European Council, was held on board of aircraft carrier Cavour flagship of the Italian Navy fleet, moored in the port of Civitavecchia.
The seminar was attended by the Minister of Defence, Mrs Roberta Pinotti, the Deputy Minister of Greek Defence Fotini Gennimata and the Minister for Internal Affairs and National Security of the Republic of Malta Emanuel Mallia. The Chief of Italian Navy Staff, Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi, attended the event.

For further details, please see the event agenda.


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Condition Based Maintenance in ambito navale e nautico
mercoledì 14 Maggio 2014 alle ore 14.30


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Friday 28 Feb 2014

The recent engine room fires occurred on some cruise vessels have highlighted some issues, among others the need of operating redundancies to machineries and systems and enhanced fire suppression. A further aspect of these issues is related to human factors. In fact, any redundant solution could be completely inadequate if the operators do not get immediate and clear information of the casualty in progress. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the situational awareness of the operators by providing them with additional tools in the direction of decision making process and ergonomic working environment. One of the new features introduced in the Safety Monitoring and Control System by Martec is the Decision Support System (DSS). DSS provides a list of actions to be executed to fight the emergency, prepared in accordance to the emergency procedures defined by the Shipowner. In addition, the DSS can support the reconfiguration of the system after the emergency, in accordance to the Safe Return to Port regulation. Ergonomic working environment is essential in emergency situations where reliable and quick decisions are to be undertaken by the operators. This is the criteria that has led to the development of an integrated safety centre in co-operation with Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding for the new Royal Princess vessel. The integrated safety centre features a number of innovations, such as ergonomic workstations and console, video wall, tactical table, etc. to facilitate the exchange of information and the teamwork by the operators.


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