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Tactical vehicles both up-armoured or not, can also take advantage of the installation of an AFSS system. A smaller control electronics (named CE slim) has been specifically designed for retrofit and small vehicles installation: it incorporates both the logical electronics and the control panel. A “night mode” is available to switch off all the leds in case of night watch operations. In the example shown a tactical vehicle is equipped with one CE slim system configured with four rugged temperature point detectors in the engine compartment and one extinguisher. In the crew two optical flame detectors and one explosion suppression are used to protect the personnel. Various configurations can be set via software in order to change the number of detectors and extinguishers to protect each compartment.

Temperature sensors may have a different temperature environment depending on how close to hot spots they are: to prevent overheat false alarms, the CE slim in the development or maintenance phase of the vehicle can be connected to a laptop computer to download temperature recording at the sensor location during each mission profile of the vehicles. With this database pre-warning and alarm thresholds can be set on the field for each location with the same safety margin.

Two pre-warning thresholds are available to warn the pilot of an overheat condition and one alarm threshold is also available; these three values can be set as increased temperature with respect to average mission temperature.

Technical data

Infrared flame detector
  • Infrared tri-band flame detector for hydrocarbon flames
  • Explosion response time < 2 milliseconds (Navy certified)
  • built-in-self test
  • connection cable continous monitoring
  • 90° cone field of view
  • designed with 45° oriented optics for easy installation
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • MIL- Standard qualified to shock, vibration, EMI
  • operating temperature range from -40°C to + 120 °C
  • full metal housing, weight 0,33 Kg.
High rate extinguisher discharge valve
  • SOLENOID-non pyrotechnic VALVE
  • Service pressure 70 bars at 20°C or 105 bars at 70°C.
  • DN 32 mm
  • Opening time < 10 milliseconds (Navy certified)
  • discharge time in less than 100 milliseconds (with standard bottle)
  • external gauge, overpressure relief valve
  • internal pressure-switch for pressure / leakage monitoring
  • both coil and pressure continuous monitoring
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • temperature range from -40°C to + 70 °C
  • ASTM AISI 316 main body, weight 2 Kg.
  • Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35/EU approved
  • Available with and without mechanical override
  • low life-cycle cost due to easy RESET after activation:
  • no replacement parts needed
Smaller Control Electronics (CE slim)
  • specifically designed for tactical vehicles: small dimensions control electronics with same performance  of  bigger “CE”
  • integrated control panel with leds , backlighted pushbuttons and toggle switch
  • up to 2 explosion flame detectors for crew/engine and 4 temperature detectors for engine;
  • up to 2 extinguishers
  • full Built In Test Equipment
  • software configurable on the field
  • Up to 2 pre-warning and one alarm threshold for each temperature detector
  • Continuous temperature monitoring download for  threshold identification during system design
  • Night mode feature available
  • RS485 digital interface with vehicle