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Cruise > FDS (Fire Detection System)

The Fire Detection System (FDS) supplied by Martec provides a complete solution for many projects:

  • Central Unit managing addressable loops
  • Dual function sensors (smoke and temperature)
  • Special sensors (flame, gas, explosion proof, etc.)
  • Advanced graphic interface (LCD 6.5” with 640×480 resolution)
  • Capability of monitoring automatic extinguishing systems (sprinkler or similar ones)
  • Option for an operator workstation for graphic, vector based visualization of all the information concerning the safety of the ship

FDS is fully integrated with SMCS, allowing SMCS operators to totally monitor and command fire sensors and other controlled elements. FDS is type approved by most of the Classification Societies and it is ongoing its MED certification.

In 2010 a new version of FDS has been developed to fulfill Safe Return to Port requirements.

  • Loops shared among two Central Units:
    The new loops, named “braches” can be interrogated by both CU by means of dedicated boards named Branch Control Units (BCU).
  • Branch Fault Management:
    Each BCU can detect other side failure (both BCU and CPU), as well as cable break, and start branch interrogation.
  • Network Fault Management:
    In case of failure of network connection, detector acquisition is interleaved between the two BCU, allowing information to be presented to all CU.
  • Class A boundary isolation:
    Short circuit isolators can be inserted in the base of any detectors, with no limitation in number.
  • Scalability:
    180 sensors per branch, 20 BCU per CU, any number of CU in the network.