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Tactical vehicles and heavier armoured vehicles are often used in peace keeping and police operations. In both cases cocktail Molotovs thrown by insurgents can easily attack the vehicle tyres.

Once on the rubber tyre, the smouldering fire could extend from the wheels to the whole vehicle, pressing the crew to evacuate the vehicle and exposing them to sniper or enemy fire.

A manual foam extinguishing system can be installed to suppress the fire and generate a barrier between the tyre and the fire threat.

Technical data

Smaller Control Electronics (CE slim)  
  • specifically designed for tactical vehicles: small dimensions control electronics with same performance of bigger “CE”
  • integrated control panel with leds , backlighted pushbuttons and toggle switch
  • up to 2 explosion flame detectors for crew/engine and 4 temperature detectors for engine;
  • up to 2 extinguishers
  • full Built In Test Equipment
  • software configurable on the field
  • Up to 2 pre-warning and one alarm threshold for each temperature detector
  • Continuous temperature monitoring download for threshold identification during system design
  • Night mode feature available
  • RS485 digital interface with vehicle